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Usually, municipal services cover eight areas including water supply, drainage (stormwater and used water), gas, heating, roads (including bridges), public transport, public hygiene and gardening. The core is to provide public services to citizens.

Since our foundation in 2002, Augur already started provide service of digitalization of municipal services. By constructing municipal service general monitoring platform and providing digitization solutions of equipments survey, planning support, construction management, archive management and operation management, Augur is able to provide full life cycle management of municipal services from planning, construction to operation and maintenance.

In 2010, Augur was the first company in China to combine online monitoring of municipal services and patrolling utilizing IoT technology in Changchun City municipal service general monitoring platform project. This model was then implemented in Haikou, Huizhou and other cities. By combination, Augur’s solution is able to aid the decision making by modeling the entire process covering survey, plan, monitor and early warning, advancing digital municipal services to smart municipal services.

In 2011, together with Southern China branch of Institute of Digital China (IDC) Peking University (aka, Digital Guangdong Institute), Augur co-founded Smart Municipal Services Engineering Center. Its main focus is on theory and software-hardware development of full life cycle management of municipal services equipments. The center has completed numerous research projects in many provinces and cities utilizing the online monitor, smart measurement, emergency response and precision management features of Augur smart municipal services (ASMAN/ASI). Also, the center has been awarded many times of Excellent Geospatial Information & Engineering Projects Award from China National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation. Various researches of the center has been implemented in municipal services projects in cities from Changchun, Harbin, Zhuzhou, Huizhou and Hefei, ranging from Northeastern to Southern China with different terrain and weather conditions.

Augur smart municipal services market team is formed by Smart Municipal Services Department and Smart Pipeline Department I, II, III. Our core products are Augur pipeline information system - ASI Pipe, Augur city patrolling system - ASI Patrol, Augur heating information system - ASI Heat and Augur landscape and gardening information system - ASI LScape.

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